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Whom can inmates have correspondence with

  1. Level 4 prisoners can have correspondence (communication by letters) with relatives. Prisoners at other levels are allowed to have correspondence with non-relatives, provided the correspondence does not adversely affect the prisoner’s edification. For prisoners to whom progressive treatment does not apply, the prison will not limit or deny inmates correspondence with anybody in principle, except where it is otherwise stipulated by law or where the prisoner voluntarily refuses correspondence.
  2. Defendants and civil detainees can have correspondence with anybody. However with special reasons, the court or the prosecutor may restrict who can have correspondence with the defendant.
  3. Delinquents under rehab and observation may have correspondence with spouse and lineal relatives only, but exceptions may be allowed if there are special reasons and head of the rehab center has given permission. However an inmate’s correspondence with any person may be denied or restricted if it interferes with inmate’s rehabilitation or disbenefits the inmate.
  4. Juvenile inmates may have correspondence with friends and relatives.
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