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Reporting Channels

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  • Last updated:2024-05-22
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  1. According to 「The Anti-Corruption Informant Rewards and Protection Regulation」,people who sign up to report cases of corruption and malfeasance,and those cases are found guilty by the court,may receive a reporting bonus ranging from NT$300,000 to NT$10 million depending on the Judgment circumstances of the verdict.
  2. the identity of the whistleblower will be kept confidential in accordance with regulations.
  3. How to reporting:
    1. On-site:The supervisory office has dedicated personnel responsible for handling on-site reports.(Acceptance time:Monday-Friday,08:00~12:30;13:30~17:00)
    2. By phone:
      1. Agency Against Corruption,MOJ:0800-286-586
      2. Ethics Office in Agency of Corrections,MOJ:+886-3-318-8506
      3. Ethics Office in Taoyuan Prison,AOC,MOJ:+886-3-360-2261
    3. Written report:No.158, Yanshou Street, Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330032
    4. Fax Report:
      1. Agency Against Corruption,MOJ:+886-2-2381-1234
      2. Ethics Office in Agency Of Corrcetions,MOJ:+886-3-318-8511
      3. Ethics Office In Taoyuan Prison ,AOC,MOJ:+886-3-360-3001
    5. Mail box:
      1. Agency Against Corruption,MOJ:aechief-p@mail.moj.gov.tw
      2. Ethics Office inAgency of Corrections,MOJ:tyteth@mail.moj.gov.tw
      3. Ethics Office in Taoyuan Prison,AOC,MOJ:typn@mail.moj.gov.tw

In order to effectively fight aganist corruuption and lawlessness,we provide the above multiple reporting channels.

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