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The intake and executive related issues

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What is the daily life of an inmate in a correctional facility looks like?

In order to introduce a change into inmates and help them to adapt to the society, correctional facilities will provide the resources of work, teaching, meal and medical care. Inmates in a correctional facility will live the daily life of discipline. Except for the regular exercise, meal and rest time, correctional facilities will also provide different works, teaching, education, counselling, leisure activities and skill training courses. During holidays, inmates will have their own time in the cells. They can take care of personal affairs, read books, watch TV, listen to music and so on.

What meals and supplies will be provided by a correctional facility to inmates?

  1. For now, correctional facilities will provide three meals to inmates timely; drinking water, uniforms, public-shared tableware are also provided.
  2. If any inmate does not bring any or has insufficient daily supply, his/her relatives can send (bring) the supply into the correctional facility or the inmate can buy them at his/her own expense. If the inmate has any financial difficulty to buy the supply, he/she can apply for low-income allowance to the facility.If the application is examined and granted, the facility will provide the necessary daily supplies.
  3. If an inmate has any special need for daily living (e.g.,prosthesis,cane,denture), he/she can apply to the facility, and the facility will help him/her to buy it. The inmate’s relatives can also bring the supply to the inmate through reception rooms or apply for a delivery through mail.
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